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POSITION:Dance Teacher (Full Time)

Ballet/Jazz dance Teacher

This is a full-time position as a dance /teacher in the dance department of ALA (Advance Learning Academy) applicant needs to be available to work on Saturdays and Sundays. The position will also involve:

Job Summary/Basic Function 
  Choreograph dances 
  Hold regular classes in a variety of timing  
  Attend classes to learn new techniques,Promote classes  
  Put on competitions and recitals 
  Explain and demonstrate dance steps and techniques
  Teach students about musical rhythm 
  Advise on how to stand and move well, including teaching correct dance techniques to prevent injury 
  Experiment with different dancers, dance steps and placements 
  Choose the music, sound effects or spoken narrative to accompany the dance steps
  Classical ballet training (RAD, CSTD, or others) Another dance training like Jazz/ Hip Hop/Tap etc will be take in      consideration 

Knowledge/Skills and Abilities

Applicants need to be proficient and comfortable teaching kids and adults. Applicants need to be in excellent health, a good cardiovascular training. They should be very self-disciplined, motivated, and have lots of confidence in their abilities as both a dancer and a teacher. They need to have good time and stress management skills, think creatively, and be a good communicator.  They should be sensitive, as well as determined, honest and fair. Most of all, they should love dancing, and have the desire to share their love of dancing with others. Having other certifications and experience , such a yoga, aerobics, zumba, pilates or floor barre, ballet and others will be well appreciate  

About us

Advance Learning Academy  Cambodia's first and only fully Integrated Education Centre. Dedicated to the pursuit of life long learning will open in June 2014 at Aeon Mall, Phnom Penh. Spanning over 1,000 sqm of space, the school will encompass state-of-the-art classrooms, 
purpose built music and dance studios, a children's gym and a centre for special needs. The centre will offer a variety of quality programs which include Languages, Music, Dance, Art, Adult Learning, Physical Education, Cognitive, Enrichment Programs in Math, English and Mandarin, exam and test preparation programs.
Minimum Qualifications 
Bachelor Degree, English
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