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Ballet is a graceful and structured dance form which also provides the basic foundation for many other kinds of dance. It improves posture, develops poise and coordination and the refined quality and control of the body achieved through the discipline of ballet technique. Expressive quality of movement is achieved as well as body toning and muscle development and above all enjoyment.

Our ballet program is under the partnership of CSTD(The Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing) the CSTD is an authoritative examining body whose high standards are internationally respected. In Cambodia we are the only dance academy that have this certification.

Our Syllabus :

The Classical Ballet Syllabus is a comprehensive training system from Pre-Grades to teaching qualifications.

·       Pre-Ballet 

·       Primary Ballet

·       Grade 1 to Grade 6


PRE-TINY TOTS 3 to 4 years old

Pre-Tiny Tots Ballet is for children 3 to 4 years old. It is designed for the young child that loves to move and dance with the music. Emphasis is placed on fine and gross motor skills development, coordination and balance in a safe nurturing environment.

This wonderful class is designed for children who want to dance but are not quite old enough to join a ballet class.  The instructor uses games, stories, and songs to teach balance, rhythm, movement, coordination, and basic ballet steps.


TINY TOTS 5 to 6 years old

Tiny Tots Ballet is for children 5 to 6 years old.  It is an introduction to ballet with beginning development of ballet concepts such as turn out, coordination, spatial awareness and class etiquette.

This programme combines Creative Movement with an introduction to tumbling (somersaults, rolls, jumps, etc.). Students will develop balance, coordination, and rhythm, while exploring movement concepts in a fun, imaginative environment.


PRIMARY BALLET 7 to 10 years old

Primary Ballet is for children 7 to 10 years old. The goal of this programme is to impart the fundamentals of classical ballet. It focuses on basic ballet technique, proper body alignment, terminology and musicality, positions of the arms, direction of the body and increased movement.

While developing strength, confidence, balance, and flexibility, students will learn concentration and endurance and become proficient in fundamental dance movement and ballet technique. 


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