ALA has partnered with Induk, a premier Singapore-based taekwondo school, in offering Taekwondo classes from toddlers to adults. Known for its emphasis on kicking and self-defence techniques, Taekwondo physically helps develop strength, flexibility, and stamina as well as encourage positive mental attitude. 


Course Fees: Adults & Kids Programmes

Taekwondo White / Yellow Belt - $ 155.00
Sessions: 10 weeks (Including Grading) / 1 session per week / 1 hour per session
Taekwondo Green Belt - $240.00
Sessions: 10 weeks (Including Grading) / 1 session per week / 2 hour per session
One time Registation Fee of $10.00 is NOT INCLUDED in the price of the programmes

*Payments are NON-REFUNDABLE


Our new term start date for 2018 varies according to individual branch.

Please click below to download our Taekwondo Schedule.


*Taekwondo Schedule for Aeon Mall-1 branch

*Taekwondo Schedule for Aeon Mall Sen Sok branch


Please click here for Taekwondo Toddler 3 to 4 years old information

Please click here for Kids all belts 5 to 10 years old information