Robotics Education

Cambodia's first Robotics Programme is a fun way for children 5 years and above to learn how to make robots work.  They use critical thinking skills, problem solving, mathematics, science and language in completing each task.

By using Lego Education products, children also learn how to design, construct and programme robots and use them to perform certain tasks. Their understanding and skills are progressively guided from different levels starting with Basic Robotics, Junior Robotics Levels 1 and 2 all the way to Senior Robotics.

The Robotics Programme helps children:

  • Strengthen decision-making capabilities, problem-solving and planning skills
  • Boost concentration and creativity
  • Develop self-confidence and determination
  • Enhance social skills, cooperation and respect
  • Improve eye-hand coordination and listening skills

Level 1 (WeDo):
Students will create models of animals and machines from the Wedo Lego set. Instructors identify the needs students to find their strengths and weaknesses in order to help them become more well-rounded individuals. The instructor personalizes each class to each student’s needs. This level focuses on the basics of programming and incorporating different sensors to create a cause and effect reaction.
Level 2 (WeDo):
The amount of pieces and skill set required are increase as well as the fine motor skills needed to complete each model. Students are now expected to be able to program the models on their own, or with little help.
Level 3 (WeDo):
The most advanced level for the WeDo set. Students will use almost all the pieces in the set to create the most expert models and use complex programming to make their models function.
Level 4/5 (Mindstorm Ev3):
This level uses the new Mindstorm Ev3 Educational set. Each model requires around 4 hours to complete, so students will work on one model for four weeks at a time. The programming for these models is much more advanced, and may require two terms to complete.
*Class schedules are flexible and can be scheduled with the programme manager. Also, if students miss a class, they can have a make-up class within a two week period.


Course Fee: Level 1, 2 and 3: $ 180

Course Fee: Level 4 and 5: $ 200

Sessions: 10 weeks / 1 session per week / 1 hour per session


One time Registation Fee of $10.00 is NOT INCLUDED in the price of the programmes

*Payments are NON-REFUNDABLE

Our new term for 2018 are start accoding to the schedule below.


Please click to download Robotic Schedule:

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